Top 5 Things To Do At Melbourne Art Book Fair

Do you have a love for art and literature? If so, we have the perfect event for your weekend. Melbourne Art Book Fair is an annual event hosted by the National Gallery of Victoria, which features the work of emerging and established publishers, artists and writers from around the world. This three-day event gathers some of the most intellectual and creative minds to share their ideas through insightful discussions and talks. This year, Melbourne Art Book Fair will run from Friday, 16th of March to Sunday, 18th of March 2018.

To give you a heads-up for what’s to come, here are our the top five picks to see at Melbourne Art Book Fair:

Get your hands on some artistic and inspiring art books from more than a hundred stalls. Melbourne Art Book Fair will feature their selected participants’ publications, including our lovely friends from our very own Perspektif Magazine!

Perspektif Magazine is dedicated to showcasing Indonesian talent. Pick up the latest volume: Flourish, which explores the dichotomy of growth through a series of thought-provoking and visually appealing content. Their magazines are free, so don’t forget to find them at one of the stalls! Other stalls we’re looking forward to going include Knowledge Editions, The Lifted Brow, Ladies of Leisure Zine, Dylan Smyth, and many more.

Discover new books, projects and the ins-and-outs of independent publishing with a series of book launches, signings and short talks with international and local publishers. This program invites you to have a conversation and share your ideas about aspects of art, design, architecture and photography publishing. Check out their rundown here.

With Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump’s twitter warfare, threatening to pre-empt thermonuclear war, is art swept up in this accelerating global vector?

The Plague is a forum discussion that explores how might we constitute contemporary art in an era of geo-political instability. With a lineup of intellectuals from Art+ Australia and Victorian College of the Arts, this discussion will guide you to view contemporary art through a social and political perspective. For more information about this program, click here!

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we can’t deny its importance; but what makes a great book cover, who decides and how do they know?

Hear what the designers, publishers and artists from the Australian Book Design Association have to say about this. Having won awards for their book covers, they will engage in a panel discussion about the peculiar mix of art, science and instinct that goes into designing a book cover. Click here to find more information and booking.

Is good design about things that look good or that explore narrative for social change and effect? What role does design education and criticism play in this?

Melbourne Art Book Fair invites design researcher Tamar Sharfir, artist and publisher Julieta Aranda and Yolande der Heide to have a discussion on this. Join them to expand your critical thinking and contribute your thoughts in New Narratives! For more information and bookings, click here.

And those are only a glimpse of all the programs that are happening at Melbourne Art Book Fair 2018! Head to their website to find out what other programs that they have. Entry is free and tickets to selected workshops can be bought online on their website. This is surely an event you don’t want to miss!


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