Top 5 Places to Visit during SPRING in Melbourne!

No plans during Spring Break? Tired of studying? Want to explore a new place?

Melbourne is such a beautiful city to explore. It offers lots of therapeutic places to visit, so make sure you visit one of these places during Spring break, it might just be what you need 😉

  1. Tesselaar Tulip Festival


Tesselaar Tulip Festival is an annual Festival showcasing super-duper pretty tulips! With this year’s theme of Tulips in Wonderland, the festival will take you through the rabbit hole and have some fun! Located at Silvan, this place is definitely worth visiting.

Besides taking Instagram-worthy pictures with all the tulips, there are activities and music to be enjoyed, and cuisines to be tasted. Head out to their website for more information:

Don’t miss out! Its only here until October 14.

  1. National Rhododendron Garden


Spring is known for the season where plants bloom, therefore what better way is there than visiting gardens, where plants bloom?

Located at Olinda, about a 50mins drive from the CBD, National Rhododendron Garden will revitalize you with its beauty. The National Rhododendron Garden displays diverse plants and trees with a café nearby to let you absorb all the nature. You can see beautiful plants by walking through its paths and take memorable pictures you can cherish forever.

  1. Gardens of Tieve Tara, Macedon Ranges


Just as beautiful as National Rhododendron Garden, the Gardens of Tieve Tara located in Macedon Ranges is worth visiting as well. This place is most beautiful to visit during Spring or Autumn. The Garden has water features, Children’s play area, rolling lawns, and flowers galore that is worth visiting. It indeed has an irreplaceable beauty.

More information about the garden’s location, opening hours, and entry prices can be found here:

P.S. Spending time in nature can be really really refreshing, so go give this place a visit! 🙂

  1. Grampians National Park


Are you a person who likes adventures? If yes, Grampians National Park is the place for you to go to!

Some of the things you can do here is hike, camp, visit waterfalls, taste wines, and see breathtaking views – the kind of view you will never get from anywhere in the CBD. You will not get bored because there are SO many things to do there. Grampians National Park will let you soak yourself into nature and recover those tired eyes, mind, and soul.

It will for sure be a trip to remember!

For further details, check their website out!

  1. Royal Melbourne Show


Last but not least, the Royal Melbourne Show!

The Royal Melbourne show is Victoria’s largest event showcasing agriculture, animals, food, and entertainments! It only happens once a year, and is held from September 22 – October 2 this year in Melbourne Showgrounds. If you’re into adrenaline rides, the RMS also has extreme and fun rides that will challenge you. This event is overall fun for families and friends to enjoy together, so make sure you come with some pals to enjoy!

Don’t miss it! You can buy tickets from

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