Sobat Program 2017

One of our Social Welfare division’s most talked-about events is definitely their Sobat program! Sobat is formally known as a buddy mentoring program for Indonesian students who are completely new to Melbourne – but it’s more popularly known as the program where you can meet your soon-to-be closest friends here at PPIA Unimelb! Our fresh first-year-first-sems are known as our ‘Adek Sobat’ and get paired with a second or third year student, known as our ‘Kakak Sobat’. The Kakak Sobat will have a group consisting of three to four Adek Sobat and help them ease their way into uni life here at The University of Melbourne.

Social Welfare’s job is to facilitate this bonding between Kakak and Adek sobat through a series of extremely fun events. This February Sobat intake in particular housed five major events that got everyone into the Sobat spirit! Some of these include trivia nights and a day of friendly sports matches. We also encourage Sobat groups to spend time with one another outside of these events – like watching a movie or just grabbing a coffee. This means we guarantee your first month of uni won’t be a lonely one!

The end of the Sobat program was marked with our final closing event, which was essentially a big farewell to all the Adek and Kakak Sobat who have been involved so far. We even did a prom-style awards ceremony and awarded the ‘Best Sobat Group’ title to Kakak Sobat Grace, and Adek-Adek Sobat Bella, Salsa, Vivienne and Bellivia. So what’s the key secret to being the best Sobat group ever?

It’s all about making time! The main thing is that you should be willing to sacrifice your time with these people – whether it’s mindlessly hanging out or productively studying together, we can assure you’re going to have the best time with your Sobat group if you’re eager as well!

The Sobat group is created based on your bachelor – in hopes that your similar majors result in similar interest amongst your group! And Grace and friends seem to be the perfect example of this as they formed a genuine bond and friendship that’ll last throughout their uni careers. The Sobat program is highly recommended by those who have completed Sobat as it’s the perfect introduction to friends, fun and good food here in Melbourne.

So if you’re feeling anxious or nervous about how to get around or how to make new friends – then look no further than Sobat!


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