Setapak! 2017

PPIA Unimelb kicked off 2017 with our first event in Indonesia! Setapak!: Langkahmu Untuk Perubahan is our annual charitable event focuses on taking a step towards change, primarily taking place within our homeland of Indonesia.

The event held on 21st January provided The University of Melbourne’s Indonesian students the opportunity to reconnect with the people of their home country and come back with new insight and perspective. This year’s Setapak! took our volunteers to Lembaga Pembinaan Khusus Anak (LPKA) Tangerang, an educational facility for children convicts.

Our event started with ice-breaking games to get the volunteers and children better acquainted. It was followed by a sharing session where both children and volunteers can express themselves and share their experiences to each other. Many of the children shared their hopes and aspirations for the future whilst volunteers were able to listen to them and give bits of advice. At the end of the day, it was a kind learning lesson for both parties.

When asked about their experience, some volunteers expressed similar feelings of gratefulness. Grateful for being able to have a new eye-opening perspective upon their lives, and grateful to be able to motivate and inspire the children.

Aside from the visit, we have been raising money via GoFundMe for brand new computers to give to the children of LPKA Tangerang. We had successfully garnered around $2,700 and were able to give a total of six computers, and an additional printer and scanner for the facility. Metro TV was also there to report on the children convicts, and our committee got a chance to appear on a television feature! You can see our coverage on Metro TV here!

A similar thought that some volunteers had is that these children require more encouragement. They have big dreams, but need better and more positive motivation to reach their dreams. We believe our donations to LPKA Tangerang can help to facilitate their learning and growth to achieve their goals.

All in all, it was a rewarding experience for all the volunteers and PPIA Unimelb is happy to have been able to facilitate this opportunity. We look forward to next year’s Setapak! to see where our footsteps will make a mark.

Also a special thank you to 3ZZZ Radio Kita for helping us gain donations!


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