Career Search: Volunteering

We all know that securing an internship and gaining work experience are vital for our career, but so is volunteering! Volunteering is not only a great way to give back to the community, but it can also benefit your career as well. Taking on voluntary work can help you build the skills you need to achieve your dream job and show how you take initiative to keep busy and make yourself useful.

You can add your volunteering experiences in your University transcript by signing up to University of Melbourne’s Leaders in Communities Award (LiCA). LiCA is designed to help you make the most of your volunteering activities, develop your professional skills and get your volunteering experiences recognised. Visit their website for more information on the program’s requirements and registration through clicking this link.

Now, where to find volunteer ventures? We got you covered!

1. Careers online
University of Melbourne’s careers page also posts various volunteering opportunities. You can access them through the Jobs page and search for Voluntary Work. You might find opportunities that align well with your area of study, to get some field experience! Visit their website here.

2. Student organizations
Another way to gain some volunteering experiences is through joining student-run organizations (like PPIA Unimelb, perhaps…). There are plenty of student organizations to choose from, they can be cultural as well as academic-based. It’s a great way to develop your professional skills and make new friends along the way. Find the perfect organization for you through UMSU’s Club & Societies website here.

3. Seek volunteer
You may know Seek to look for jobs and internships, but it also has a website dedicated for volunteering opportunities! There are plenty of opportunities around Australia posted on the site, including to help running various social support programs, social media channels, be photographers and so much more. Click here to visit their website!

4. GoVolunteer
GoVolunteer is another site you can search for volunteering opportunities from. You can browse through opportunities according to the cause, such as environment & conservation, arts & culture and community services. You can also browse according to the organizations, and find the one you identify yourself the most with. Click here to start searching.

5. Youth Central
Youth Central is a great website to find opportunities and tips for your career including voluntary work. They provide a list of organisations in Victoria that regularly look for people to volunteer with them. These organisations include arts & media, community support, educational, environmental, health and social justice organisations. You can visit their page here!

Volunteering is a great place to start on your career. Finding a volunteer position is not difficult, there are plenty of not-for-profit organisations that rely on the help from people like you!

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